Nicaragua, Naturally

First published in
Fou Magazine

Lilies limn on their

way to the dentist’s office where
pulled teeth sing their own
tune to winter and its cadaverous school buses.

This theme may diverge over time.
Similarly, unrelated themes that were once
confluence can now only hope for convergence.

After salting the cinderblock of
friendship we claimed even God and his
sledgehammer could not smash it.

Those were titanic days.


About Adam O. Davis

Adam O. Davis is a poet, photographer, test pilot, greengrocer, gardener, thief, liar, truth-teller, bank teller, door-to-door salesman, book binder, night deposit box, logarithm, lamplighter, lobsterman, horse breaker, cat burglar, curt cartographer, carbon copy, cubist octopus, bail bondsman, bad barnstormer, paperboy, teacher, automotive technician, tearful confessor, candyman, cropduster, getaway car driver, top-seeded amateur, surfer, soothsayer, railway brakeman, lightning strike recipient, sinister signpost, unexpected sweepstakes, sentimental jukebox, endangered species, naturally-occurring arch, axeman, ashcan, ashram janitor, freelance writer/editor, speechwriter, ghostwriter, ghostbuster, concierge, cape wearer, lost shoe, lost balloon, floating away from your childhood at an exponential rate. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in several journals, including Boston Review, Grist, The Laurel Review, POOL, Sixth Finch, The Southern Review, CutBank, andThe Paris Review.

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